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Maaike Hillen Singing Reel


There are countless ways to use your voice, and I'm interested in all of them!

The last few years I've been taking masterclasses and workshops (e.g. with Peter Warnock, through the Acting Habit) focussing on Commercial, Cartoon and Game voice over work.

Delivering a long corporate text, voicing a character or commercial: i love it.
Every word deserves its own attention to detail, emotion and connection, something that 

shouldn't be underestimated. But wow it's fun!

Would you like to work together? Don't hesitate to contact me!


- I have my own home studio (I work with my Rode Nt1A Microphone)

- I'm fluent in Dutch as well as English and am skilled in doing several accents/dialects

- I combine my skills as a singer and actress into my voice over work and can easily switch in different styles and sounds.

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