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Charmingly awkward, joyful, unique and quirky!

My name is Maaike and I'm a 28 year old performer, teacher and writer.
In 2017 I graduated from the MusicAllFactory, and in 2019 I completed my Masters in Musical Theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

My mom always says I started singing before I could talk. Singing for me is like breathing; I can't live without it.
When I sing or act I transform into someone else, but I can't think of any other moment when I feel more like myself.

I belong on the stage- it makes so much more sense to me than walking on the street or doing groceries.

As a writer and performer I'm interested in what is real. 
What's the true soul of the story?
How can I truly communicate with the audience? 
Not only when I'm singing or acting, but also when I'm playing piano or accordion. 
I try to tell real stories with real emotions.

We write our own story.
Shall we begin?

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