zwart Marmer


Here you can find all the projects I am (or have been) working on. 
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April 2021

A Passion Project -2019 Grad Showcase

On the 11th of April the 2019 grad Showcase from "A Passion Project' premiered. I was honoured to represent myself as one of the RCS Graduates with the song 'Lost in the Brass'. The timecode for my song is: 30:18

June 2020

Upload Virtual Festival

James Dawoud and I worked together on the duet "Suddenly Seymour" as part of the "Upload Virtual Festival" during the Corona Virus lockdown.Our song was part of a Musical Theatre set put together by the wonderful MD abd RCS Alumni Joe Clayton.

June 2020

"Someone" by Filip Holacky

The amazing Filip Holacky (Bmus Alumni, RCS) asked me to sing a demo for his new song. This was really exciting and terrifying! This was my first time working on new music and even though its a demo and it might change completely, it was an amazing project to be part off!