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"Performing is like breathing
I can't live without"

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Ever since I can remember I've loved to make other people laugh, sing songs, play funny or weird characters or create performances with other people.
When I was 4 I organised a circusshow on holiday!

As performer I love working with many different techniques and styles. I feel at home doing comedy but also enjoy 

Shakespeare or drama, a night of singing or a (children) 

puppetry show. 

It's very important I can always add something true to the 

characters I portray. Weather its in a play, a self devised cabaret, in puppetry, a monologue or song!

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My cabaret's are always about... well... me!
I'm a storyteller: I talk about my life, my thoughts, fears and happiness.

I write and devise cabarets: a mix between musical and standup comedy telling real stories. Laughter and pain, dialogues with the audience all combined with beautiful music.

Would you like to book "Happily Ever After" or are you

 interested in something new? 
Don't hesitate to  contact me!

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When I was 15 I randomly showed my mum a puppet I made. I've always loved puppetry. Bringing a little character to life while also putting bits and pieces of me in there.
A dialogue with the puppet!

In 2021 and 2022 I finished several classes/Avenues with Parker Puppetry, learning techniques like the Henson Punch and rod puppetry.

I also build my own puppets! Interested?

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I've never experienced stage fright!

During my time working in hospitality I noticed I'm a true 

hostess. I love making sure everyone feels welcome and is

having a great time.
I also have lots of experience in coaching (large) groups of 

any age. I'm fun, warm, engaging and direct!

Would you like to hire me as a presenter, hostess of a big 

event/pubquiz/karaoke night? Fun! 

Let me know!

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